Immigration Reform 2013: Access to Justice Tackles Solitary Confinement in Baltimore Sun Op-ed

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SunI’m glad whenever we can cast light into the darkest corners of the U.S. immigration system. The head of our Access to Justice unit, Megan Bremer, was recently able to do that through a compelling op-ed, “The Injustice of Immigration Detention,” that she wrote for the Baltimore Sun.

Her piece comes at an important time, as the Senate considers new legislation. Please see “S.744 Marks Step in Right Direction on Alternatives to Detention” for more information.

The Baltimore Sun piece begins:

There lingers in my memory a man whose suffering I can’t forget, whose shattered fragments I tried to hold together in my role as an immigration lawyer. His pain, far from unique, casts a grim light on the experiences of immigrants shut away in detention cells, and underscores the need for alternatives to detention.

We’re grateful to the Baltimore Sun for giving column space in their print edition to this important issue! You can view the print edition by clicking here. Please also remember to raise you voice to support fair alternatives to detention in the upcoming reform legislation, because we are still weeks and months from winning this struggle!

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