Immigration Reform 2013: Analysis by Martin E. Marty of the University of Chicago Divinity School

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Marty not 300This morning, the airwaves are flooded with breaking news about immigration reform. Against the backdrop of that clamor, it’s a pleasure for me to share the keen observations of Martin E. Marty, a prominent Lutheran scholar at the University of Chicago Divinity School.

In the publication Sightings, which is put out by the Martin Marty Center for the Advanced Study of Religion, he writes today:

Tomorrow is the beginning of what will be a congressional battle over immigration reform. The subject was rarely and lightly handled in the political wars last year, perhaps because both parties found other issues to be more important for the country or more exploitable by their candidates. Whoever thought that the issue would remain relatively quiet and subject to merely partisan but still civil debate has found or will find that it is as potentially uncivil and vitriolic as most contentions are in this polarized society.

I hope you’ll find the time to read his entire piece, which you can find here. It helped me gather my thoughts as we enter this critical stage of the struggle for compassionate immigration reform. 

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