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Immigration Reform 2013: Looking Out for Number S.1

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capitol 300I’m encouraged to see that when the U.S. Senate recently listed their 2013 legislative priorities, immigration reform showed up as S.1. In other words, immigration reform legislation will have the prestigious title of the first Senate bill this Congress, and the heavy implication is that the senators are focused on its passage.

History sometimes echoes itself, and in this case, another S.1 comes to mind: The Civil Rights Act of 1875. That’s the United States federal law enacted during the Reconstruction Era that guaranteed African Americans equal treatment in public accommodations and public transportation, and prohibited excluding them from jury service.

Both S.1’s are rooted in the same American tradition: The decent treatment of other people, even when it’s a long time coming.

With that in mind, thanks for all you’re doing to Stand for Welcome, and to hold your elected officials accountable for delivering compassionate immigration reform. You can also keep tabs on the latest immigration reform developments by reading our Monday updates by Hill experts.

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