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Immigration Reform, Public Benefits & Asylum — Top Picks of the Immigration and Refugee Blogosphere

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button_icon_top_picksI’m encouraged that bipartisan legislation could be delivered within a month, but the journey to real immigration reform is still far from over.  In this week’s Top Picks, I’d especially like to lift up Guillermo Cantor’s commentary on immigrants and public benefits, and Karen Zwick’s and Ashley Hubner’s piece on asylum in America.

  • In his prayer from a recent meeting between the White House and faith leaders, Jim Wallis of Sojourners thanks God for the opportunity to help bring about immigration reform and make a difference in the lives of millions of people.
  • Guillermo Cantor, in his commentary for Immigration Impact, analyzes a new report from the Cato Institute that finds that poor immigrants use fewer public benefits than native-born individuals.
  • In their piece “Rethink Immigration: Repeal the One-Year Asylum Deadline,” Ashley Huebner and Keren Zwick of the National Immigrant Justice Center tally the many failures of current asylum restrictions.
  • Writing for the American Immigration Lawyers Association in her post “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” Annaluisa Padilla calls for comprehensive immigration reform that is inclusive of all immigrants, based on the American values of equality and civil rights.

Please email me or leave a comment if you have any thoughts about this week’s Top Picks. Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog, and I look forward to bringing you the best online commentary on immigration and refugee issues every Monday here on Redefining Welcome.

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