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Immigration Reform: What the Senate Bill May Get Us, What’s Left to Fight For

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capitol 300I’m energized this morning by news that a bill to overhaul America’s immigration process may be completed as early as this week. On Sunday, two senior senators appearing on CBS’s “Face the Nation” program predicted that we could see immigration reform legislation introduced in a matter of days.

Based on our long history of advocacy for comprehensive immigration reform, the public statements made by the senators involved in drafting the bill, and on the latest information we’re hearing from those close to the legislative process, here are the LIRS principles I believe the new bill is likely to:

  • Provide an earned pathway to lawful permanent residency and eventual citizenship for undocumented immigrants and their families.
  • Provide adequate resources and protections to ensure successful integration of migrants.
  • Ensure the protection of U.S. citizen and migrant workers.

Here are the principles we may still have to struggle to see included in comprehensive immigration reform, whether in the initial Senate bill or at a later stage of the game:

As we finally reach the beginning of the legislative process, your voices are needed more than ever! Please contact your lawmakers and urge them to include all the LIRS principles. Please use the links above to speak out today via our Action Center – immigrants and refugees are depending on your strong support!

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