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Immigration Reform, Worker Visas & Sen. Rubio — Top Picks of the Immigration and Refugee Blogosphere

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button_icon_top_picksMy eyes; like everyone’s, are on Capitol Hill this week, as immigration reform legislation is expected to be introduced at any time now.  In this week’s Top Picks, I would especially like to lift up the NCLR’s post on Cesar Chavez Day and immigration reform, as well as Amanda Peterson Beadle’s piece on collaboration between labor and business.

•    Stephan Bauman’s commentary for Sojourners, “Welcome Christ by Welcoming the Stranger,” declares that the Easter season sets the tone for embracing welcoming and just immigration reform.
•    In her post for Immigration impact, Amanda Peterson Beadle announces the labor-business immigration deal on a worker program, lays out the details, and analyzes how this deal means that the Senate’s bipartisan “Gang of 8” is poised to finally introduce legislation.
•    The National Council of La Raza, in its piece, “Cesar Chavez Day Reminds Us We Must Fight Despite Adversity,” celebrates the revered activist by calling for his spirit of perseverance to guide the fight for just immigration reform.
•    Maribel Hastings of America’s Voice, in her post, “Rubio and Immigration, Whose Team is He On?” proclaims that if Senator Marco Rubio backtracks on immigration, he will be on the wrong side of history.

Please email me or leave a comment if you have any thoughts about this week’s Top Picks. Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog, and I look forward to bringing you the best online commentary on immigration and refugee issues every Monday here on Redefining Welcome.

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