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Immigration Reform Article by EFE Cites LIRS Director for Advocacy

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EFE logoI’m happy that a recent article by María Peña of the global news agency EFE cited LIRS Director for Advocacy Brittney Nystrom.

The article, “Obama busca ayuda de activistas y empresarios para lograr reforma migratoria” (“Obama Seeks Help of Activists and Entrepreneurs to Achieve Immigration Reform”) quotes her as saying:

Los inmigrantes no deberían tener que escoger entre las oportunidades que ofrece EE.UU. y el amor y apoyo de sus familiares. EE.UU. es una nación de inmigrantes y prospera cuando las familias son fuertes; necesitamos un sistema migratorio que reconozca y asimile ambas verdades.

(Migrants shouldn’t have to choose between the opportunities that America offers, and the love and support that their family members provide.  America is a nation of immigrants, and America thrives when families are strong; we need an immigration system that recognizes and accommodates each of these truths.)

It’s encouraging to be able to get the LIRS message out to the world through EFE, the major multimedia news agency in Spanish and the world’s fourth-largest wire service after the Associated Press, Reuters, and Agence France-Presse. We’re grateful to the author for her coverage of the critical events taking place around immigration reform!

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