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Indiana Drops Portions of Anti-Immigration Law

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Although the court ruled over a month ago, the impact of the Supreme Court decision in Arizona v. the United States continues to be felt across the country.

Last week, Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller announced that, due to the landmark decision, his state would no longer defend portions of Indiana’s own anti-immigration law.

The law, SEA 590, is currently being challenged in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana. After reviewing the Supreme Court decision, Attorney General Zoeller conceded that portions of the Indiana law, including provisions allowing for warrantless arrests of those suspected of being in the country without authorization, were in conflict with the Supreme Court’s ruling.

This welcome announcement from Indiana reinforces the fact that immigration enforcement is a federal government responsibility. Visit the LIRS Action Center to tell your state legislators you support the Supreme Court’s ruling and ask them to promote welcoming policies in your state.

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