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International Women’s Day: Voice of America Khmer Service Interviews LIRS’s Sovanna Sok

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VOA Khmer smaqllIt’s exciting when one of our team is interviewed for an international audience, and even more so when it marks an important occasion such as International Women’s Day!

Voice of America just held a television interview with Sovanna Sok, LIRS Placement Coordinator for Refugee Resettlement. We’re very proud that she could be the guest of Mr. Kimseng Men, International Broadcaster for the VOA Khmer Service.

For those of us who don’t speak Khmer, the VOA Khmer Service has published a great article in English, “For Cambodian Women in the U.S., Success and a Delicate Balance.”

Sovanna300The article describes how Cambodian immigrants to the United States “have faced many challenges as they adapt to life” here.

One key factor for Cambodian women, the article notes, is that “adjustment can be particularly difficult, as they leave a traditional culture for the fast-paced life of the United States.”

Just to give you a taste of what you’re missing in the Khmer interview, here is a brief excerpt that quotes Sovanna directly:

After she resettled in the US 30 years ago, Sok Sovannarorth was surprised to see how differently women were treated here compared to her own country. Where in Cambodia many women are expected to stay home, Sok Sovannaroth, who works for the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, found herself in America balancing her profession and her family. But she said Cambodian culture has stayed with her.

“What I really appreciate about the Khmer values is that no matter where we are, we always stress the importance of interaction between mother and child,” she said. “No matter how little time we have, mothers spend time to educate their children about the value of women and our tradition.”

It’s great to get the word out to our friends in Cambodia, and in the Cambodian-American community, that International Women’s Day is important to LIRS and in our lives! Many thanks to Voice of America for providing a forum to express those ideas.



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