'Let’s Keep Immigrant Families Together, Help U.S.' — ELCA Bishop Thomas M. Aitken Writes at the Duluth News Tribune | LIRS
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‘Let’s Keep Immigrant Families Together, Help U.S.’ — ELCA Bishop Thomas M. Aitken Writes at the Duluth News Tribune

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Duluth News TribIt’s a pleasure to share an op-ed by Bishop Thomas M. Aitken that ran in Sunday’s Duluth News Tribune. Bishop Aitken, who serves the Northeastern Minnesota Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), offers a powerful message in favor of immigration reform in “Let’s Keep Immigrant Families Together, Help U.S.”

By penning this op-ed, Bishop Aitken is helping to spread the word that this is the critical moment for people of faith to speak up for fair and compassionate immigration reform. Please read the entire piece by clicking the link above, and show your support by leaving a positive comment, promoting the piece via Facebook and other social media, and sending the link to your friends, colleagues, and family.

Bishop Aitken writes:

My wife and I are parents to two grown children. Like most parents, we had dreams for our children and worked to make family a priority. It hurts us and other parents when we see industrious and talented children and adults denied the opportunities our children had to become full-time citizens in this great country of ours.

This has happened here in Duluth as well as in other communities in Northeastern Minnesota over the past few years. Pastors in my region of responsibility have shared with me the sad realities of families broken apart by flawed immigration policies.

Please join me in thanking Bishop Aitken for standing with immigrants and refugees in Minnesota and across this land, especially at this pivotal moment for the Senate immigration reform bill, S.744!

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