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Thank You x 100,000!

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lirslogothumb-100x100Dear Readers:

It’s been less than a year since I began writing this blog, Redefining Welcome. It’s taken just those few months to reach 100,000 page views, a milestone that roared past this week!

Thank you for devoting your time and heart to immigration and refugee issues. Your commitment is making all the difference in moving this work forward.

From pushing immigration reform to the finish line, to protecting refugee kids, to visiting immigrants in detention, I appreciate that you’ve been reading, visiting our Action Center, and finding ways for your community and congregation to Stand for Welcome.

In the time since Redefining Welcome first appeared:

  • over 3,000 people have proceeded to the LIRS website to learn more
  • nearly 700 of you have clicked through to our Facebook page
  • almost 300 readers have checked out our Twitter account
  • close to 400 of you have sought out more information about LIRS from our other sources

I find it just as important that in that time, Redefining Welcome’s weekly Top Picks and other embedded links were able to help many hundreds of you read excellent materials produced by the Immigration Policy Center, America’s Voice, Sojourners, and other organizations representing a broad spectrum of views.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to subscribe to Redefining Welcome. That way, posts about the immigration and refugee issues that most concern you will reach you right away.

I’m extremely grateful to have reached this milestone with you, and in such a short time. In fact, page views of Redefining Welcome have quintupled since January alone.  I hope we can keep up this incredible momentum. Thank you for reading and for standing with immigrants and refugees!

Warm regards,

Linda Hartke

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