Bringing the Immigration Debate to Your Social Media Feed for a Week of Vital Advocacy

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the Immigration Debate

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Yesterday evening, the Senate began debating a bare-bones immigration bill.

We anticipate that the Senate will put a bill on the floor and hold an open amendment process. This means that we may see amendments that will restrict immigration to historic lows, eliminate the diversity and family visas, take away protections for unaccompanied children, create obstacles for asylum seekers, and increase border enforcement.

In partnership with the faith community, and our immigration coalition partners, we are asking people around the country to take action — and that means YOU!

On days when we expect votes, we will use social media to flag key amendments for you to urge your Senators to vote for or against.

Follow LIRS on Twitter and Facebook to stay up-to-date on the open amendment process, and help support Dreamers, immigrant families, and unaccompanied children who are integral parts of our communities.

Thank you for continuing to stand in solidarity with immigrants, and for your urgent and important actions during these times.

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