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LIRS Cookbook Contest: Share Your Stories About Food, Family, and Migration

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I’m excited to share a new way for you to Stand for Welcome!

Share a story and five dollars will be donated towards the purchase of a kitchen set for a newly arrived refugee family! LIRS is launching launch of a new story collection contest that will explore how food has shaped your journey and experience as a migrant or refugee, or in your engagement with migrant and refugee communities.

We eat because we need to sustain ourselves, but food is also deeply ingrained in the narratives of our nations, our cultures, our families, and our communities.  And because food can often play an integral role in stories of migration from one community to another, or in building bridges across communities, LIRS believes that sharing our food traditions can be a window into each other’s personal and cultural narratives.

Whether it be the first time you went to an American grocery store as a newly arrived refugee, the discovery of local foods in a far-away place, an impromptu cooking lesson you had as a resettlement volunteer, or a meal you shared while visiting a detention center, we want to hear about it! Every story donates five dollars towards the gift and winning stories will be featured in a cookbook. Winners will receive a copy in time for World Food Day, October 16, 2013.

Send your stories to or visit our Facebook page for easy electronic submission. Feel free to add your favorite recipe to go along with your account! We look forward to reading your stories!


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