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LIRS in the Media: Federal Funding for Refugee Programs

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Susan Krehbiel, LIRS vice president for protection and programs, was recently quoted in a Huffington Post article by Elise Foley  Without Federal Funding Increase, Refugee Programs Struggle

“It takes longer to find jobs for refugees,” Bob Carey, vice president of International Rescue Fund, told HuffPost. “They’re particularly vulnerable to unemployment. A lot of the refugees we’re seeing are coming with medical issues. They’ve been tortured or have injuries, or some haven’t had medical treatment because of the war.”

The omnibus bill could have provided these refugees with unemployment aid, job training, and an emergency housing support fund for those behind on rent or utilities payments.

“A lot of the resettlement programs are really more of an investment in the future,” said Susan Krehbiel, vice president of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service. “It’s the upfront resources that allow people to recover and become self-sufficient. Not having mental health in the first year will hurt a person’s ability to take care of themselves in the second year.”

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