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LIRS President Linda Hartke Signs Statement on the Third Anniversary of the Syrian Crisis

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InterActionYesterday, I and more than 50 member CEOs of InterAction, the largest alliance of U.S.-based international relief and development organizations, signed a statement recognizing the third anniversary of the Syrian Civil War.

As the crisis shows no signs of waning, the member CEOs of InterAction and I stand together to voice our horror at this tragedy that has scarred the lives of far too many people. Nine million Syrians have fled their homes, six and a half million are internally displaced, and two and a half million are now registered as refugees.

In the face of the unending brutality, I’m proud to stand with InterAction as we extend our support and services to the people of Syria and the region. InterAction members have worked tirelessly to provide urgent medical care, food, and shelter, while also addressing long-term concerns like community, livelihood, and education. However, there is an overwhelming amount of need, and in order not to fall into another year of chaos and risk the loss of a generation of Syrian children, more must be done.

As we declare in the statement:

On this third anniversary of the Syrian civil war, we commit to doing everything we can to ensure that the people of Syria do not lose another year to bloodshed and suffering. We stand with the people of Syria, and people around the world, in calling for our leaders to make the same commitment. Specifically we call on:

1. All parties to the conflict in Syria to work with the United Nations and donor governments to immediately allow and facilitate unfettered humanitarian access throughout Syria in keeping with the terms of UN Security Council Resolution 2139.

2. Donor governments to meet the 2014 UN humanitarian funding appeal of $6.5 billion for the Syria crisis.

3. Donor governments to continue to support neighboring countries and host communities that are generously supporting refugees fleeing the conflict, including support for training programs and job opportunities that encourage self-reliance.

4. The international community to increase resettlement of refugees from Syria, particularly the most vulnerable, to third countries and ensure that resettlement and asylum is a component of the overall humanitarian response.

Please join me in standing with Syrians. Call on your elected official and urge him or her to continue supporting Syrians and the neighboring host communities that have welcomed Syrian refugees. You can reach your representative through the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 or the LIRS Action Center

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