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From Hospitality to Welcome

LIRS board member Elaine Richter Bryant shared her thoughts on what it takes to move beyond hospitality and truly welcome another person. How have you been welcomed by another? What are your thoughts on how welcome and hospitality differ?

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Room at the Table

LIRS Board member Dr. Judith A. Diers shared with us how welcoming strangers has been a part of her family’s life. How have you “made room for one more” in your life?

Conditions in Jaqué

Susan sent us this text message and picture from Jaqué, Panama. “¿Cómo es la situación para Los colombianos en Jaqué? Como respondió una señora, Por un Lado bien Poe otro Lado malo.”

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A Sense of Hope

The Rev. F. Eric Wester shared with us his story of welcoming refugees fleeing war in Kosovo.

First Day of Meetings in Panama

The UNHCR office puts greater emphasis on the legal reforms needed to create access to protection and integration. I want to talk to the Colombians to hear their thoughts on the subject. It seems very difficult for someone with few resources. Where do they find hope?

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Reconocer (Recognize)

Susan is traveling to take a first-hand look at how Colombian refugees are living in Ecuador and Panama. As she was crossing over several boarders on her way to the border areas she sent us these thoughts.

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Susan Krehbiel’s Visit to Ecuador and Panama

Susan Krehbiel is visiting Panama and Ecuador to get a first hand look at how Colombian refugees are living in the borderlands. Susan hopes to bring back to the United states the knowledge that we as a country have a responsibility to welcome newcomers to our shores.

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“Ten Economic Facts About Immigration”

The Brookings Institute with the Hamilton Project release a helpful pamphlet called ‘ Ten Economic Facts about Immigrants”. The pamphlet deciphers between economic myth and fact when in comes to immigration. The topics discuss many fears the American public has about immigration.

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Crossing Borders: From Myth to Sound Immigration Policy

On September 28, 2010 the Hamilton Project hosted an event to discuss the economic impact of migrants. There were several speakers who spoke on topics such as the work environment and education. The overall analysis showed that there was actually a positive impact migrants have for US born citizens.

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