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‘LR-121 is Counter to State’s Roots’ — ELCA Bishop Jessica Crist Writes at The Great Falls Tribune

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With elections set for tomorrow, we’re glad to see leaders speaking out on state immigration issues.

In her Saturday, November 3 op-ed in The Great Falls Tribune, “LR-121 is Counter to State’s Roots,” Bishop Jessica Crist of the Montana Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America  tackles a ballot measure in the same anti-immigrant vein as SB1070 and HB56. She writes:

Montana has a rich history of immigration, from the first settlers to the mass influx of immigrants who built the mining, timber, and coal industries that made this state prosperous. As a faith leader, I have serious concerns that ballot measure LR-121 runs counter to these immigrant roots and our religious traditions.

I am not alone in believing that LR-121 takes Montana in the wrong direction. Leaders of churches attending the Montana Association of Churches Annual Assembly, including Lutheran, Episcopal, Presbyterian, United Methodist and United Church of Christ leaders, joined in opposition to LR-121.

We’re grateful to Bishop Crist for raising her voice on this critical issue. Please remember, if you feel so moved, to leave a positive comment, tweet the link, Recommend and Share it on FB, and let friends and colleagues know.

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