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‘Out of Focus: Our Values, Rights and Laws on the U.S.-Mexico Border’ — Event on Immigration Issues

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It gives me hope to see the number of Lutherans and other people of faith speaking out for justice. Across the nation, there are countless opportunities to learn about issues that migrants face and take action.

I’d like to highlight one opportunity for conversation and discussion at Faith Lutheran Church in Arlington, VA. On Saturday, February 28th, Brian J. Erickson, a policy advocate for the ACLU Regional Center for Border Rightswill speak at an event entitled “Out of Focus: Our Values, Rights and Laws on the U.S.-Mexico Border.” 

Brian will focus on two current issues hotly debated in our country: immigration laws and use-of-force issues between police and citizens, including racial profiling. He will speak on these issues as they apply to daily life at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Brian will also discuss how border communities, families, and people experience life in the region. It is often far more nuanced than the narrow focus of mainstream depictions. He will explore how laws are enforced in the region, how enforcement impacts civil and human rights, and ultimately how well our lived reality reflects our values.

The discussion will be explored from both the lens of the border as one piece in our national immigration policy, and with an eye towards how our nation’s largest law enforcement agency, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, interacts with border residents as they go about their daily lives.

Please register for the event here.

Brian J. Erickson is a Policy Advocate for the ACLU Regional Center for Border Rights in Las Cruces, NM. He has worked at the Regional Center for Border Rights since 2010, as a volunteer, field organizer and now, as a policy advocate. He travels to Washington, D.C. several times a year to advocate for improved border policies with both Congress and the Administration. He has testified before the United Nations and the Department of Homeland Security. He graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington with degrees in Spanish and Global Studies.

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