Maryland Gross State Product increases 26%; Immigrants Represent 57% of Growth | LIRS
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Maryland Gross State Product increases 26%; Immigrants Represent 57% of Growth

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Megan Poinski is a reporter for The Maryland Reporter.

State Commission Says Immigrants Improve Maryland Economy

Immigrants – both legal and unauthorized – have made positive contributions to Maryland in terms of the economy and education, and the state needs to take a common-sense approach to future policy, according to a new report from a state commission on immigration.

The final report of the Commission to Study the Impact of Immigrants in Maryland, approved Wednesday after more than a year of meetings and discussion, states that immigrants significantly add to the state and recommends policies to work with immigrants, and not spend too much effort trying to enforce U.S. immigration law.
The state should also continue its efforts to provide high quality education to all young people, regardless of their immigration status, the report says.

“Given the complexities of these issues, and given the diverse parties on which they will impact, effective changes to the status quo will require honest and sincere discussion and compromise,” the report states. “The State of Maryland can facilitate this process through encouragement and cooperation with federal authorities, other state governments, and civil society to enact comprehensive immigration policy reform.”

Immigration advocates welcomed the report, while those fighting illegal immigration found it to be poorly done and insulting.

The commission was established by law to give the state a better understanding of immigrants. Commission members, who ranged from academics at the University of Maryland to lawmakers to community and immigration experts, spent the last year looking into different issues dealing with immigrants and immigration.

A more detailed report looking at specific Maryland economic data will be finished in the next couple weeks, said Jeffrey Werling, the staff director for the commission.

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