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Metro Lutheran Tackles ‘Setting the Prisoner Free’

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It’s always great when the media shines a spotlight on our country’s immigration detention system. The more the public knows about the suffering of people caught in that system, and the need for alternatives, the sooner change will come.

That’s why it was particularly wonderful to see this week’s article in Metro Lutheran, the third in Editor and Executive Director Bob Hulteen’s “Setting the Prisoner Free” series.

Hulteen takes a hard look at some of the challenges facing advocates of alternatives to detention, especially the implications of privatization. He questions the logic of prisons for profit, a situation in which, as he notes, “full cells mean full wallets.”

Despite the challenges, the Metro Lutheran piece begins on an upbeat note:

As it turns out, quite a few people are passionate about the prison system in this country. Consistently, people believe that those who profess faith in Jesus Christ should be involved in both protecting society from criminals and ensuring the rehabilitation of the incarcerated.

We hope you’ll read all of “Setting the Prisoner Free: Part Three,” and that it will inspire you to get more involved in immigration detention ministry, if you’re not already active!

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