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Make Time for Migrant Justice During this Holiday Season — State Action Alert

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button_icon_state_alertThe holiday season is an incredibly busy time for all of us and as a result, we may take a step back from some of the national issues we care deeply about. Today, I’d like to ask you to take a bit of time to remember the millions of migrants and refugees for whom this season will be less than joyful because they are detained for immigration reasons, fear deportation, or are separated from their loved ones.

With just a few minutes of your time you can complete an action that will make a very important contribution to the movement for comprehensive immigration reform, and LIRS has tools to show you how.

LIRS recently released our Hope For The Holidays campaign, which includes a number of actions you can take this holiday season of Advent and Christmas to stand in solidarity with migrants and refugees. Here are just a few of the actions in our toolkit that you can take right now:

How much time do you have to spare this holiday season?

  • I only have a few minutes!

Contact your Representative in the U.S. House. Let your representative in the House know that this holiday season you are thankful for all the contributions that migrants and refugees make in your community and that your faith teaches you to welcome the newcomer. Visit our online Action Center to tell elected officials you support compassionate immigration reform.

  • I have a couple of hours.

Write a Letter to the Editor! The holidays are a great time to get a letter to the editor published in your local paper. Educate your community about our immigrant roots as a nation and the importance of being a welcoming society that stays true to our American values of freedom, equality, and opportunity.

  • I want to plan an event to stand in solidarity with migrants and refugees.

Host a Prayer Vigil. Hosting a prayer vigil gives people of faith an opportunity to reflect on the scriptural roots of our work in support of immigrants, the moral dimensions of the immigration issue, and the real-life consequences of our failed immigration policies. Prayer vigils also communicate to members of Congress and the Administration that humane immigration reform is a top priority for people of faith.

No matter how much or how little free time you have on your schedule this holiday season, you can make a difference in your community by standing up for migrants and refugees. Please contact Folabi Olagbaju at | 202-626-7931 if you would like support for any of the activities listed above or in our toolkit. Also, make sure to let us know when you take action! 

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