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Naturalization Ceremonies to Celebrate Citizenship Day

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To recognize Constitution and Citizenship Day, which was celebrated on September 17th, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will be welcoming 27,000 proud new American citizens.  During the week of September 15th, 285 American naturalization ceremonies were held across the country and the world.  The capstone celebration will be held on September, 23rd, at the Washington Monument in Washington, DC.

Constitution Day, which is also known as Citizenship Day, is celebrated every year to commemorate the signing of the Constitution, and to “recognize all who, by coming of age or by naturalization, have become citizens.”  It is a time for reflection on the rights granted by the Constitution to every citizen and also the celebration of America’s history as a nation of immigrants.

We applaud those new Americans whose hard work and dedication have allowed them to reach this point.  The diverse backgrounds and culture they bring with them will undoubtedly enrich the American experience, just as those who have come before them.

Many of those newly naturalized citizens came to the United States as refugees, fleeing persecution in their country of origin.  Many come to the United States after spending years in refugee camps around the world, and hoping for a better life.  Unfortunately, life in a strange new land is not always easy, and acclimating to a new way of life can be extremely difficult .  Policies that are supportive of effective integration for our new friends and neighbors can make all the difference in the success of a refugee during their journey toward citizenship.

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