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NEW BORDER CRISIS MYTHBUSTER! These 5 Facts Will Help Guide Your Conversation on the Crisis

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Sojo_mythbuster_adToday, I’m thrilled to unveil the new Border Crisis Mythbuster. 

The national discourse on immigration is complicated by a constant stream of misinformation that derails dialogue. I am sure you have experienced it: hearing some unfounded talking point repeated on cable news trickle down into everyday conversations or exchanges on social media.

The national spotlight has returned to the topic of immigration with the recent developments at the border. Once again, myths abound.

To help correct these harmful untruths, LIRS has produced a Border Crisis Mythbuster. This mythbuster gives the fast facts on the border crisis so you can educate your network on the real situation. For example:

  • Immediate deportation does not deter individuals who are fleeing for their lives. The Obama Administration has deported 400,000 people, the highest amount under any President, yet families continue to arrive seeking safety.
  • The crisis is caused by violence, deadly gang threats, trafficking, drug cartels, and states’ inability to protect their people. To escape insecurity, people are fleeing in all directions, not just to the United States.

Please share the images below with your friends and family online and help to debunk widely propagated misinformation.

As people of faith, we know that speaking the compassionate truth will help us open the hearts of our communities and rescue them from fear.




























You can download a printable version of the Border Crisis Mythbuster here. An online version is available here.

Will you join us in this advocacy?

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