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New LIRS Board Members Sought to Champion Immigrant and Refugee Rights

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LIRStorchlogo300I’m pleased to announce that LIRS is seeking nominations for our 2015 board of directors and committees.

The LIRS board sets our mission goals and ensures that we have the resources, leadership, and oversight necessary to carry them out. A leadership team composed of the president and vice presidents guides the organization as we work toward achieving our objectives with integrity, courage and fiscal responsibility.

At LIRS, we believe strength is found in diversity and that refugees and immigrants need a voice of influence at the table. In that vein, we encourage all to apply, including former refugees, immigrants, and Lutherans. Information about current board members can be viewed at the LIRS Leadership page.

Potential candidates and nominators can visit to view the call for nominations, expectations of board and committee members, the nominations timeline, and the nominations form. Nominations should be submitted to by May 30, 2014.

For 75 years, LIRS has walked alongside more than 500,000 migrants and refugees. We not only provide tools for self-sufficiently but ensure that newcomers become known, valued, and respected members of their new communities, and that their new communities are prepared to advocate for and welcome them.

We are blessed to have a committed network of over 60 legal and social services partners and hundreds of congregations who support newcomers and create a culture of welcome in their communities. With and through these partners, in 2013, LIRS is proud to have protected, embraced, and empowered 30,087 migrants and refugees, placing 2,250 vulnerable children in loving homes. LIRS equipped 30,405 people to welcome, support, and advocate for migrants and refugees, and worked with 6,595 migrants and survivors of torture impacted by detention, either by connecting them with a lawyer or training them on what their legal rights are.

Internationally recognized for our expertise in service and systemic change, we are proud to welcome new Americans on behalf of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, and the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

LIRS has been fortunate to work with forward-thinking and incisive leaders who bring diverse talents and relentless commitment to welcoming the sojourner. We anticipate that new board members will add their talents to our mission and further our cause of walking with new Americans to brighter tomorrows.

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