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One Year Later…Families Are STILL Being Separated

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Nearly one year ago, on April 6, the Administration rolled out their zero-tolerance policy, which codified the practice of family separation. Media coverage of heartbreaking images of children fueled to public outrage, which after several months compelled the Administration to reverse the policy.

But while the policy is no longer in place, the practice of family separation is still a reality for hundreds of children and parents at our border.

We need you to take action today to help us stop family separation at the border.

Recent reports from the New York Times estimate that as many as 245 children may have been separated from their parents since the repeal of the zero-tolerance policy in June of 2018. Meanwhile, LIRS has documented at least 10 cases of family separation inflicted on children that have entered our care as unaccompanied minors.

Among those cases, was a baby boy — just 8 months old — who was separated from his mother on Christmas Eve. Equally heartbreaking was the case of a six-year-old with down syndrome who was separated from his mother. LIRS has worked to get the child into the care of his father; but, meanwhile, the traumatized mother was forced to participate in an assessment of her mental fitness in order to regain care of her vulnerable son.

Whether it’s one child — or one thousand — being separated at the border, this is unacceptable in America.

Tell Congress you will not tolerate the practice of family separation in 2019.

LIRS has a history of mobilizing engaged Americans to create powerful grassroots change behind the scenes, and advocates like you are at the heart of this work. Leveraging your power as a voter and constituent may seem like a small task, but for the people we serve, a phone call can make a big difference. 

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1 thought on “One Year Later…Families Are STILL Being Separated”

  1. Thank you so much for your article in the Baltimore Sun today, “Children still being ripped from their parents at border”. The American people need to be reminded of the cruel policies that our government enforces.
    Please keep speaking out.


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