Oppose Georgia’s Anti-Immigrant Law! — State Action Alert

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Please join me in raising your voice against unjust laws like that now in force in Georgia, and in supporting the real solution: comprehensive immigration reform.

This week, a federal court lifted an injunction against the Georgia  law, which was designed to resemble Arizona’s SB 1070. Georgia’s law, which can now be enforced, will do the following:

  • Allow police to check the immigration status of individuals who may have committed a crime.
  • Allow police to use federal immigration databases to determine an individual’s legal status and to transfer suspected undocumented immigrants to detention centers.
  • Prevent law enforcement officials from being prosecuted in the course of their actions to enact the law, as they are given freedom from liability.

This law follows a troubling trend of state and local legislative efforts to take immigration enforcement into their own hands. Instead of passing a patchwork of immigration laws, Congress should instead pass comprehensive immigration reform.

Please make your Members of Congress and President Obama aware of the consequences of punitive state immigration laws like Georgia’s, and encourage them to work together in the 113th Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

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