Our Work

LIRS works with refugees, children, and migrants to ensure they are protected and welcomed into local communities throughout the United States. Our faith and our nation’s values compel us to respond compassionately to the worst refugee crisis in history, with over 22.5 million refugees worldwide. Through our services, unaccompanied children, refugees, and migrants obtain access to protection, integration, justice, and stability.

Our services and advocacy fall into four concrete categories, which are hallmarks of our work:

  • Protection. Newcomers are safe from harm and have access to legal and physical support, and protection of human rights, as required under international law.
  • Stabilization. Newcomers are able to independently meet their basic needs in their communities through access to information and resources.
  • Integration. Newcomers are engaged with their communities. Healthy integration encompasses strong social connections and opportunities for economic success.
  • The Long Welcome. Successful integration is a long term project encompassing the efforts of newcomers and the receiving community, professionals and volunteers.
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