Over 1,100 Gifts Were Received for Families in Detention — Thank You for Your Support!

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Gifts arriving for children at Karnes
Christmas presents arriving for children at Karnes

We are thrilled to share the incredible and overwhelming response to our recent Christmas gift drive for children held in the Karnes family detention facility. We hoped for a generous reaction, but were amazed at the support we received. Because of the quick response of people like you, the harshness and isolation experienced by families in immigration detention will be softened for just a moment and replaced with a child’s smile on Christmas and hope for the New Year to come.

Though we originally asked for just 300 gifts, through an outpouring of love and kindness across LIRS’s networks and coalitions we received over 1,100 gift donations! The gifts will now also reach children soon to be detained at the newest family detention center in Dilley, Texas. The response also inspired a similar toy drive arranged by the ACLU of Pennsylvania for the 41 children detained at the Berks family detention facility, which can be found here.
Due to the unexpectedly large response to the gift drive, we cannot accept more presents, but there are other opportunities to get involved and help achieve the larger goal of ending family detention:
  • Contact your elected representatives: Use LIRS’s Action Center to send a message to your Members of Congress, urging them to end family detention. You can also call their offices through the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.
  • Write a letter: Use this sample letter to describe the gift drive and the devastating impact of family detention in a letter to the editor of your local newspaper- especially since members of Congress will be home soon and reading those same newspapers!
  • Support a refugee family: Choose a gift from LIRS’s Rebuilding Hope Gift Catalog. Each gift has been carefully selected to make a real difference in the life of a refugee, such as a bus pass or a baby crib. These items are essential for rebuilding lives in a new land.
Thank you for standing for welcome. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Photo credit: Rosemarie Doucette

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