Take the Power Back! Tell Congress to Override the Veto

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We need your help to Override the President’s Veto 

President Donald Trump exercised his right to veto, striking down a bill put forth by Congress that challenged his declaration of a State of National Emergency related to our southern border. The State of Emergency, which grants the Administration unfettered access to funding for a border wall, marked the President’s first major move to circumvent Congressional authority. This veto follows suit, skewing the intended balance of powers through the concerning use of executive force. 

In the coming days, Congress will have the opportunity to override the veto, but this can only happen if representatives in both the House and Senate pass the measure by a two-thirds majority.  

Tell your congress members to vote in favor of the measure to block the President’s National Emergency today. 

The current bill passed in both the House and Senate by a simple majority, so there are a significant number of votes that will need to change in favor of the measure in order for Congress to effectively override the President’s veto.  

Now is the time to make your voice heard on Capitol Hill. Tell Congress that you support their authority to block the National Emergency. 

Take action today! 



LIRS has a history of mobilizing engaged Americans to create powerful grassroots change behind the scenes, and advocates like you are at the heart of this work. Leveraging your power as a voter and constituent may seem like a small task, but for the people we serve, a phone call can make a big difference. 

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" data-link="https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text=Take+the+Power+Back%21+Tell+Congress+to+Override+the+Veto&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.lirs.org%2Foverride-veto%2F&via=">">Tweet

2 thoughts on “Take the Power Back! Tell Congress to Override the Veto”

  1. Congress and the American people expect the President to lead by following the Constitution. This is not leadership but a third-grade rebellion using a fabricated “emergency”–a lie and a racist one. The emergency is the lack of morality in the White House.

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