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President Obama Takes Action on Humane Enforcement of Immigration Laws

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I’m happy to share that President Obama met with immigration leaders Friday to discuss more humane enforcement of immigration laws. The President also announced a review of his administration’s immigration enforcement practices. Here at LIRS, we have long advocated for humane and just enforcement and I’m thoroughly encouraged by these actions.

Unjust and harsh enforcement of immigration laws has a devastating impact on migrants, especially asylum seekers and survivors of torture.

This issue is so close to my heart and our mission at LIRS that we have written a press release on the event. Immigration detention affects hundreds of thousands of migrants and people seeking protection each year. The detention of vulnerable persons for indefinite amounts of time does not fall in line with our biblical call to welcome the stranger, nor our American values of liberty and justice for all. We strongly urge President Obama to reject the over-reliance on detention as a means of immigration enforcement.

Please take a moment to view our complete press release on this event, here.

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