Protect Immigrants from Fraud! Speak Up for Crucial New Legislation — National Action Alert

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button_icon_national_alert2With Congress soon departing for recess after advancing several negative pieces of immigration legislation, I wanted to update you on the introduction of a positive bill. On August 1, Representatives Bill Foster (D-IL) and Ted Deutch (D-FL) introduced the Protecting Immigrants from Legal Exploitation Act of 2013.

This bill would enable deported immigrants who are victims of filing fraud to resubmit their applications. It would also provide educational and financial resources to better prevent migrants from being taken advantage of in this way in the future.

As it’s expected that the House of Representatives will take up immigration reform after recess, it’s crucial that people of faith remain engaged in how discussions of immigration reform unfolds. While your representatives are at home in their districts, we hope you’ll make phone calls and raise your voice. Town hall meetings are a great opportunity  to discuss why the faith community cares about compassionate immigration reform and how bills like the Protecting Immigrants from Legal Exploitation Act, the Help Separated Families Act, and the Child Trafficking Victims Protection Act are all welcome steps forward.

Thank you for your enthusiasm as we head into an important month to Stand for Welcome! We look forward to continuing to equip you with educational and grassroots resources  to bring about compassionate immigration reform to millions of Americans seeking a better life.

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