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QUIZ: What do you know about refugees?

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QUIZ: What do you know about refugees?

The term refugee is often in the news these days, but can you correctly answer these questions about those who flee the unimaginable?

15 thoughts on “QUIZ: What do you know about refugees?”

  1. Clearly my perception were not completely in line with the correct answers. This did not sway our desire to foster; it actually show more need than we had

  2. I’m about to share the link with clergy colleagues in a Conference meeting – excellent (and reveals how much we may need to learn).

    • U.S. citizens are misinformed about the immigration process.I can’t imagine the hardships people go thru to save their lives.My heart feels for them.

  3. I’ve visited & befriended many & made some wonderful friends. Their suffering is heart rending, I wonder that so many survive the cruelty they often have to overcome. Americans have little comprehension of the lives of many refugees. Lives are upturned, families destroyed & they overcome dreadful poverty.


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