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Rand Paul Amendment to S. 744 Threatens Protections for Refugees and Asylees

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Immigration Reform 2013 refugees jpegToday, the floor debate over S. 744 continues in the Senate. Over 100 amendments have been filed thus far and we are closely monitoring the votes.  While S. 744 contains several positive improvements to our immigration system for vulnerable migrants such as refugees and asylum seekers, I’m discouraged by an amendment filed by Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) that would harm people who’ve been offered refuge and a chance at a new life by the United States.

Paul Amendment 1200 would require refugees and asylees in the United States to register with, interview with, and be fingerprinted by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) 30 days after their admission to the United States or their grant of asylum. Additionally, DHS would have to track refugees and asylees for “indications of terrorism,” placing people our country has welcomed under a cloud of distrust.

Because refugees and asylees are already required to go through several security screenings and background checks as part of the admission process, the changes in Senator Paul’s amendment are unnecessary and wasteful and run counter to our American heritage of welcoming those escaping torture and persecution.

Senators need to hear from you as the floor debate continues. We invite you to call the Capitol Switchboard today at (202) 224-3121 to be connected with your senators and ask that they oppose Paul Amendment 1200 and support protections for vulnerable migrants in S.744.

After making your call, please visit the LIRS Action Center to write a letter to your members of Congress, urging them to ensure that comprehensive immigration reform includes a roadmap to citizenship, upholds family unity, protects vulnerable migrants, and increases access to justice for all migrants and refugees.

Thanks, as always, for standing with vulnerable migrants! We know you will stay the course as the struggle for fair and compassionate immigration reform continues.

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