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Refugee Employment

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The most important and often most difficult part of helping a refugee start a new life in the United States is finding employment. It is a hard and arduous challenge, especially in tough economic times, but the numerous benefits of steady employment make it worth the effort. A job can give a refugee more than just income- it helps them integrate, develop friendships, find a sense of community, a renewed sense of purpose, and a chance to start building a better future for their family.  The ultimate goal of the resettlement process is self-sufficiency, and employment is the cornerstone of that process.

It is because of this that in 1997 LIRS created RefugeeWorks, which quickly became the national center for refugee employment. RefugeeWorks specializes in providing exceptional training, consulting and publishing services to the national refugee employment network.

What’s great about RefugeeWorks is that they work hard to show employers and communities not just the benefits of employment to refugees, but the benefits of hiring a refugee.

Across the United States, businesses have found refugees to be dependable, hard-working, and knowledgeable employees. In fact, many employers share that their refugee workers are some of the best members of their team!

Ten Reasons to Hire Refugees Today

1.            Legally authorized to work in the U.S.

2.            Eager to work

3.            Dependable

4.            Positive attitude

5.            Strong work ethic

6.            Quick learners

7.            Solid skills and work history

8.            Adaptable

9.            Loyal

10.          Better retention rates

RefugeeWorks carries out this commitment by serving the national refugee employment network through training, consulting, an employment newsletter and other publications. To learn more about this essential service that supports self-sufficiency for newcomers, please visit where they have resources for service providers, employers, and refugees.

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