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URGENT: Immigrant children and families affected by Hurricane Ian need your support! Donate now.

Refugee Resettlement

A Place To Call Home

Refugees are children, women, and men who have been forced to flee the only home they have ever known, desperately hoping to find safety and stability once again. We believe that every human being should be afforded the same protection we would want for our own loved ones. That is why LIRS is dedicated to offering newly arrived refugees a warm welcome and a firm footing, in the hopes that our newest neighbors might find peace and prosperity once again. 

America opened its doors and welcomed us to its shores. With resilience, ambition, strength within ourselves and support from LIRS, we got back on our feet.

Selena Besirevic

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Small gifts. BIG impact.

How to Help refugees in America

Every contribution makes a real difference in the lives of vulnerable immigrant and refugee families. Will you be the answer to their prayers today?


Offer a warm welcome to refugee children and families today!