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RESOURCES: Immigration Detention

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What are the rights of the immigrants being held in detention facilities across the nation? Frontline of PBS recently released a documentary about the current immigration policy and a series of articles covering many issues with detention in the United States, including an extensive article about the rights of immigrants in detention. The article covers the length of detention, access to legal representation, voluntary departure, bond, and many more important issues. [FRONTLINE]

Frontline also released a very informative interactive map watching the increase in detention facilities for immigrants over the past 20 years in the U.S.  The map not only shows the location, but also the size of various detention facilities with a scrolling option to watch the last 20 years of progression in detention facilities.  [FRONTLINE]

The National Council of La Raza published an article and detailed map covering the different states in the U.S. and their response to harsher immigration law. The map identifies which states have passed laws like Arizona’s SB 1070, which states have rejected such legislation, and which states are still in deliberation. [NCLR]

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