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RESOURCE: Visual Data on IDPs and Refugees

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The Guardian has recently published striking visual representations of data on refugees worldwide.  The data comes from the annual ‘Global Trends’ report published by the United Nations High Commission on Refugees. The interactive maps published by The Guardian display the data on people forcibly displaced, either within their home nations or elsewhere in the world.

2010 Data highlights include:

  • 43.7 million people forcibly displaced, the most in 15 years
  • Pakistan hosted largest amount of refugees in relation to its economy, 710 refugees per $1 of GDP
  • Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia were the largest sources of refugees in 2010
  • The United States hosted 264,574 refugees in 2010

Click on the link to view the article posted by [ The Guardian ] and the next link to view the [ interactive map ]


Refugee statistics interactive map
Refugee statistics from the UNHCR: click image to see the map

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