SB 1070 'Show-Your-Papers' Provision Gets Green Light from US Federal District Court | LIRS
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SB 1070 ‘Show-Your-Papers’ Provision Gets Green Light from US Federal District Court

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By Megan Bremer, Interim Director for Access to Justice

All eyes remain focused on Arizona – where the governor is on a personal crusade to purge her state of foreign-born residents who lack documentation to stay in the United States.

Following the recent Supreme Court decision, a US federal district court decided on Wednesday that it was premature to judge the impact of the provision of the controversial SB 1070 law that requires individuals to show proof of lawful presence in the United States, aka the “show-your-papers” clause.

The implementation of this provision is expected to increase racial profiling throughout the state. After all, what else will prompt a police officer to ask someone for their immigration papers if not their accent or skin color? No more can our society deny the targeting of people of color. Our eyes are watching…

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