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Supreme Court Ruling on President Trump’s Travel Ban Reflects Troubling Pattern in America

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Supreme Court Ruling Reflects Troubling Pattern in America

Today, the Supreme Court has upheld the third iteration of President Trump’s executive order, effectively banning individuals from five Muslim-majority countries, as well as North Korea and Venezuela from entering the United States.

At the same time that Americans are trying to understand how their country separated families at our southern border, the Supreme Court has dealt immigration advocates another blow, ruling 5 – 4 to uphold the travel ban as constitutional.

While the Court found the Executive Order constitutional – LIRS believes that the Executive Order fails to uphold the diversity and freedoms upon which this country was built. For nearly 80 years, LIRS has worked with communities across the nation to welcome people seeking refuge in America; and we have seen firsthand how new Americans contribute to a vibrant and resilient society, both culturally and economically.

The executive order, which disproportionately targets Muslim-majority countries, further reduces paths of legal immigration to a vast number of individuals in Africa and the Middle East, accentuating a troubling pattern by which the United States seeks to close its doors to immigrants, refugees, and individuals seeking asylum.

Rooted in our Lutheran faith, LIRS has no difficulty delineating what is legally acceptable from what is morally right. History shows clearly that this is not who we are as a country; and LIRS will continue to fight to preserve the legacy and values that have defined America since the beginning.

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