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Service Partners

LIRS carries out much of our work in partnership with local service providers across the country. With funding and technical support from LIRS, our local partners help refugees put down roots in new communities and assist vulnerable migrants with legal and practical needs. Through partnerships, we can manage resources to effectively extend the reach of our services and strategically share our strengths and expertise.

A nationwide network of local agencies that welcome refugees to their new American communities

LIRS-affiliated agencies throughout the country that provide immigration legal services

Partners throughout the country who work with LIRS to find loving foster homes for refugee and migrant children

LIRS and our partners support improving the family-based immigration system to ensure the timely reunification of families

The LIRS Safe Release Support Program is made up of 20 human service agencies across the country. These partners are strong community human services providers that have a number of existing services that can be offered to families who are going through the reunification process.

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