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button_icon_national_alert2As we await the upcoming release of a comprehensive immigration reform bill in Congress, several exciting events are taking place on Capitol Hill to inform lawmakers and advocates of what’s at stake.

Yesterday, Human Rights First  hosted “Dialogues on Detention: Applying Lessons from the Criminal Justice Reform to the Immigration Detention System” and LIRS Director for Advocacy Brittney Nystrom was featured as a panelist.

She emphasized the importance of holistic, community-based alternatives to detention. These alternatives provide an array of services to migrants including legal representation, housing support, and case management. Community-based alternatives allow migrants to continue living in and contributing to their communities while providing the support they need to undergo immigration proceedings. LIRS, in partnership with the Presbyterian Church USA, coordinates community-based alternatives to detention programs across the country.

The need for alternatives to detention is significant as the United States detains more than 33,000 immigrants every day in facilities across the country at a cost of up to $164 per detainee per day. These detainees include vulnerable migrants, such as asylum seekers or trafficking victims, who have already undergone extremely traumatic experiences.

Visit our Action Center today and tell your Members of Congress that you support the use of compassionate and humane alternatives to detention in comprehensive immigration reform. Thank you!

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