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Stand Up, Speak Up!

Stand Up, Speak Up

This new spring program from LIRS brings together  interfaith communities across the country to lift a unified voice to welcome and advocate for immigrants and refugees coming to the United States. Our goal is to focus less on the differences that can separate us—our faith backgrounds, ethnicities, and countries of origin—and demonstrate that our commonalities—compassion, love, and humanity—are what unify us. 

Thanks for participating in Stand Up, Speak Up 2021.
  • Act: Join Stand Up, Speak Up Interfaith Prayer Vigil on Sunday, May 23rd at 4 pm EDT and invite your friends and family.  
  • Donate: Support the critical needs of immigrants and refugees by contributing to our Neighbors in Need fund.  
  • Advocate: Write to your representative to support immigration reform through the US Citizenship Act of 2021 
  • Pray: Lift your voice with the guidance of an interfaith prayer on behalf of immigrant and refugee families. 
  • Teach: Learn more about the recent challenges facing immigrant and refugee families and how LIRS, our service partners, and our communities are stepping up to help.  

Watch the Virtual Vigil

Thanks to those who joined us for the first annual Stand Up, Speak Up Virtual Prayer Vigil, held on Sunday, May 23rd. Together with communities across the country, we celebrated our unified support of refugees and immigrants who have come to the United States and those who are still waiting to be welcomed here. The event included messages from our interfaith and interdenominational partners, a time of reflection and prayer, and storytelling.

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