Stacy Martin Writes at the Washington Post: 'Saving the Lives of Syria's Refugees' | LIRS

Stacy Martin Writes at the Washington Post: ‘Saving the Lives of Syria’s Refugees’

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The Washington Post today features guest commentary from LIRS Vice President for External Relations and Development Stacy Martin.

In her piece “Saving the Lives of Syria’s Refugees” in the “On Faith” section, Martin observes that “Leviticus 19 commands us to love and care for refugees… Therefore, we are commanded to embrace people fleeing violence and persecution, from Syria or anywhere else.”

She further writes that:

Experience shows that things can quickly turn deadly for refugees… Should the conflict become even further protracted, resettlement should be considered a viable option for Syrians driven from their homes by this upheaval. LIRS is ready to help. We have refugee resettlement experience reaching back to the period following World War II. Most recently, through our 28 affiliates in 26 states, we resettled thousands of Iraqis and others displaced by the last Gulf War.

Please check out the entire piece and add your thoughts to the comments section of “Saving the Lives of Syria’s Refugees.” For, as Martin writes, “Regardless of the news, whether hopeful or tragic, we owe it to the Syrian families in the camps to remember them and keep a watchful eye on their well-being.”

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