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‘Stop Jailing So Many Immigrants’ — Rev. Paul Lubold Writes at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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We’re glad to see the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette publish an excellent op-ed by Rev. Paul L. Lubold.

The piece cites the LIRS report “Unlocking Liberty” and offers hard data about immigrants caught in the detention system.

In his October 19 op-ed, “Stop Jailing So Many Immigrants – Pennsylvania Should Adopt Humane Alternatives to Detention,” Rev. Lubold writes:

A recent visit to an immigration court opened my eyes to the issues faced by people who are attempting to do what my ancestors did: become an American.

Seeing what these people experience in court also impressed upon me the urgent need for us, as Pennsylvanians and Americans, to create alternatives to the inhumane treatment of migrants.

Rev. Lubold serves as part-time pastor of St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church in North Park, PA. He also is advocacy developer for the Lutheran Advocacy Ministry in Pennsylvania.

We’re grateful that he took the time to write about alternatives to detention, reaching the Post-Gazette’s large audience with this critical message. To learn more about what you can do, please check out the LIRS resource page on “Migrants Impacted by Detention.”

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