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button_icon_national_alert2The Senate Judiciary Committee is poised to begin the final week of mark-up hearings on S.744, the immigration reform bill. Some senators are proposing amendments that would be very harmful to family unity, so this is the critical moment for you to speak up against those moves and for positive amendments!

Yesterday, the senators finished considering amendments to S.744’s Title III, a portion that centers on the bill’s proposed detention reforms, as well as provisions affecting refugees and asylum seekers. Today, the committee will continue what began last night as a marathon session devoted to Title II, the portion of the bill in which family immigration and the pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants are discussed. Given the looming Memorial Day recess, committee members are hoping to finish marking up the bill this week.

As the senators consider a high volume of amendments focusing on the pathway to citizenship and family unity, it’s critical that they hear your voices as people of faith who support fair and humane comprehensive immigration reform. Call the Capitol Switchboard at 1-866-940-2439 to be connected to a senator on the Judiciary Committee. Here’s a suggested call script:

As a person of faith, I urge the senator to support immigration amendments to improve family unity and the pathway to citizenship, specifically Hirono 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. I also urge you to oppose all amendments that would limit family-based immigration and threaten family unity, specifically Cruz 4, Grassley 21, and Sessions 24 and 48.

To guide your call and advocacy on family unity, check out the overview LIRS has compiled of important amendments. You can also have an impact on the vote by using our online Action Center.

To report on one success from last week, LIRS saw the passage of Klobuchar 1, an amendment to ensure that the spouses and children of domestic abusers with work or education visas can remain in the United States safely. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) mentioned LIRS as one of the organizations supporting this amendment in her public statement. We’re grateful for this new provision to protect survivors of domestic violence!

Thank you, as always, for your ongoing actions for compassionate immigration reform, and for your commitment to stand with immigrants and refugees. Clearly, your calls, letters, and visits to Congress are making a difference!

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