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Susan’s Reflections On Her Flight Back

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Susan is on her way back from her visit to Panama and Ecuador where she was looking at the conditions Colombian refugees are facing on a daily basis. Susan took advantage of a layover in Houston to send us these short text message reflections:

Es difícil comparar los desafíos que se enfrentan los refugiados de un lugar para otros.  En San Lorenzo y Esmeraldas los refugiados colombianos han sido recibidos como hermanos.  Pero en un lugar con poca infraestructura de servicios recursos la acogida es frágil.  Cada mes más refugiados llegan que el mes anterior.  Actualmente hay 400 nuevos solicitantes al asilo en la provincia de Esmeraldas. ¡Mensualmente! Y la violencia aumenta con la regionalización del conflicto y delincuencia interna. La trata humana por la zona fronteriza crea inseguridad para mujeres.  No hay muchos recursos ni voluntad política para rescatarlas de esta esclavitud.

It is difficult to compare the challenges faced by refugees from different areas. In San Lorenzo and Esmeraldas the Colombian refugees have been welcomed as brothers. But in a place with few resources and service infrastructure, the welcome is fragile. Every month more refugees arrive than in the previous month. Currently there are 400 new asylum applicants in the Esmeraldas province. That is every month! And the violence only increases as the conflict becomes regional and crime increases internally. Human trafficking in the border areas creates insecurity for women. There aren’t resources or political will to rescue them from this slavery.

When Susan gets in we will sit down for a “debrief” video interview and post some of her observations here. Stay tuned!

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