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The America I Believe In…

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[DRAFT] The America I Believe In…

Embraces Diversity as a Strength


Getting to know our refugee neighbors has been a rich blessing to our community. 

The Afghan family we have been assisting has been an inspiring witness to the values of faith, family and community. We have been welcomed into their lives as we shared their grief from being separated from a large and loving extended family back home. We have been invited to break fast with them during Ramadan. We have helped to welcome a new child with a baby shower at church. We have provided rides and advice and financial support and friendship. 

In the end, we have appreciated the opportunity through the Community of Welcome program to show the love of Christ by helping this family make a new home in our area. They are a blessing to our congregation, our community and our country. As the formal time of our engagement with this family comes to an end, they have made it abundantly clear that their family is more than willing to help out if we find ourselves working to welcome other refugees in the future.  So does the community of welcome continue to grow!

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