‘The U.S. Should Remain a Refuge’ — LIRS President and CEO Linda Hartke Writes to the Washington Post | LIRS
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‘The U.S. Should Remain a Refuge’ — LIRS President and CEO Linda Hartke Writes to the Washington Post

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Washington PostThe Washington Post recently published my letter to the editor. On July 2, I expressed the dire need to offer children fleeing violence in Central America a place of safety in the United States. Please take a moment to read my letter:

People of faith in the United States opened their hearts and homes four decades ago to the tens of thousands of children who were alone and refugees as a result of the war in Vietnam. We rose to the occasion again years later when the lost boys and girls of Sudan inspired us with their courage. These young people, now adult U.S. citizens, became teachers, doctors and business owners, our neighbors and co-workers. They have made the United States stronger.

Today, we stand by American and faith-based values of welcome, freedom, safety and due process when it comes to the tens of thousands of children seeking refuge as they flee Central America [“Obama will request $2 billion to stem influx of immigrants,’’ news, June 29].

We cannot accept any response by the administration or Congress that seeks to forcibly and indiscriminately return these refugee children, who have made perilous and courageous journeys, back into a maelstrom of conflict and criminal violence.

I am deeply grateful to the Washington Post for publishing this letter and lifting up the United States’ role as a country of welcome, opportunity, and safety for all. To support these children on their dangerous journey, please join our #ActOfLove campaign and consider becoming a foster parent.

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