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This National Adoption Month, Participate in the Bethany Forever Family Campaign to Raise Awareness for Foster Care

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FosterCareFamily300In recognition of National Adoption Month this November, I’d like to call attention to the nearly 70,000 children who crossed into the United States alone this year, seeking safety.

At LIRS, we believe that the best way to ensure unaccompanied migrant children are both safe and equipped for a brighter tomorrow is to place them with a foster family. Through our Give the Gift of Family campaign, we saw an outpouring of warmth and generosity from Americans across the country, which enabled us to place many of these children in loving homes.

A key piece of our work with migrant children lies with our local service partners, who work daily with children ensuring not only that their needs are met, but also that they feel valued and welcome in their new homes. Bethany Christian Services is one of these outstanding local partners.

In honor of National Adoption Month, they have launched the “Bethany Forever Family” campaign to raise awareness about children in need of foster care. In support of Bethany, which has been a partner of ours in every sense of the word, we are asking those of you with children in your lives to help in this campaign.

Follow these 5 steps to participate and raise awareness:

1.    Go to and print the image of a foster care boy or girl waiting for a forever family.

2.    Have a child you know draw their family around the image of the boy or the girl.

3.    Take a photo of the family holding the completed drawing.

4.    Post the photo on your Facebook or Twitter page with a link to Tag Bethany Christians Services and five of your friends in your Facebook post, and ask them to participate in the “Bethany Forever Family” social media initiative.

5.    Those without Facebook can participate, too! Simply e-mail the link to 5 of your friends and ask them to participate.

We appreciate your continued support of the hundreds of thousands of children in the United States waiting to know the love of a forever family. By participating in the “Bethany Forever Family” initiative, you are helping raise awareness for children in foster care.

To learn more about LIRS’s foster care program, visit 

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