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This Week is National Welcoming Week! Find an Event in Your Town

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welcome_week_3CThis week is National Welcoming Week!

It’s easy to get caught up in the despair of the evening news. Daily, we hear stories of vulnerable mothers and children deported back to violent communities, families forced to live in the shadows, and lack of progress on immigration reform. When all this tragic news takes over the airwaves, the countless acts of compassion that occur in our communities often fall into the background.

This week, however, is National Welcoming Week, and a chance to celebrate the kindness and welcome in our communities. There are hundreds of events happening throughout the United States, lifting up the diversity and unity of our country—from Lebanese food and jazz in Ohio, to classical Japanese dance lessons in Pennsylvania, and a screening of “Sin Pais” (Without Country) in Missouri. Visit National Welcoming Week to see what event is near you. If there aren’t any events close by, or if you have an idea of an event you’d like to host, click here.

Share this post with your network and invite your friends to events in your area! Let’s celebrate the gifts both new Americans and U.S. born Americans bring to our communities.

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